Piper J-3 Style Landing Gear Vee Cabane

$ 157.00 $ 212.00

Experimental Use Only. Duplicate Parts.

There were two different sizes of top bolts over the years.  The pre-war style had the smaller 1/4" diameter top bolts, and the post war had the larger diameter 5/16" bolts.

P/N EXP21-09  - Duplicate Part as used on J-3  series s/n 2315 to s/n 8277 except s/n 2316, 2332, and 2353.  Uses 1/4" diameter top bolts.

P/N EXP30602-00 - Duplicate Part as used on Piper J-3 (serial numbers 8278 and up; required on J-3's upgraded to 1220 gross weight), PA-11, and Piper PA-18 (serial numbers 1 through 3780)

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