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Aircraft Spruce added as Distributor December 31 2014

EXPparts has struck a deal with worldwide distributor Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co.  Most of EXPparts can been seen and purchased at their website and soon in their 2015/2016 catalog.

Satisified Customer December 10 2014

"This is a new one on me, but I just saw a pair of shock struts that look simply superb! Congratulations to a new supplier." -Bob Turner, forum

Aeronca Placards Added November 18 2014

EXPparts has added Aeronca 7AC Champ style placards to its inventory. These original style placards help put those final touches in the cabin, company officials note.

Randy Brooks Writes.... November 14 2014

"The J-3 floors and throttle knobs arrived and they look great. Thanks very much having such high quality parts.
I'll be ordering from you in the future and recommending you to other Cub guys."
 - Randy Brooks​

EXPparts Makes "General Aviation News" October 21 2014

BOISE, Idaho — EXPparts has opened its virtual doors online with its new, experimental aircraft parts store.

EXPparts, which can be found at www.EXPparts.Com, is a parts supplier for the experimental aircraft and recreational aviation community. It is dedicated to a mission of supplying the antique, replica builder with quality supplemental parts, according to company officials.

“Over the years, I’ve seen a niche need in the replica vintage aircraft market,” said Todd Houdek, EXPpart’s business developer. “Amateur builders are building replicas of the venerable Piper J-3 Cub, PA-11 Cub Special, Aeronca 7AC Champ, and the PA-18 Super Cub. While they enjoy building their own airplane, they don’t necessarily want to build every part.

“That’s where EXPparts comes in,” he continued. “We can supply some parts, and they can get back to building the 51% required by the FAA. One of our biggest challenges is going back to the old drawings of the day and tooling up for 50, 60, and even 75 year old designs. It has been fun researching and setting up for modern day CNC and laser cutting technology on parts originally hammered out by Rosie the Riveter.”

These parts, while they may look like the original, are designed for experimental use only, he said.

“We are thrilled to see a brand new experimental airplane with the lines, colors, and sounds of the old, vintage ones. We are working with different suppliers to make this happen — well, with the help of the builder,” said Houdek with a smile. “EXPparts plans on being there to keep these classic looking airplanes flying for a long time.”

Website is Launched August 21 2014

Welcome to EXPparts at !

We sell vintage aircraft parts made to OEM standards.  These parts are for the amateur aircraft builder under the experimental category.

We'll be adding more to the inventory all the time, so come on back.



The crew at EXPparts